A couple of days after the wedding, we went on our honeymoon. This was another big decision in our planning process. For weeks we had thought about doing a back country hiking trip in Northern California but to be honest planning and having a wedding is a lot of work.

We decided that we needed to treat ourselves to a retreat. We both have spent time in Hawaii and figured it was a fairly easy get-away for a few days. When we searched for an “Eco-Retreat” in Maui we found Maui Retreat right away. It was like a tropical version of Shambhala.

Founder Kutira Decosterd, along with her husband Raphael, designed the retreat center with ecologically friendly concepts in mind. Kutira and Raphael are firm believers in living harmoniously with higher beliefs, using the best and cleanest technologies available today.

The retreat center is “off the grid” with it’s electricity coming from solar panels and a generator run on Biodiesel. They are avid composters and recyclers. They have a bamboo demonstration farm on the land. All of the buildings on site are made of bamboo produced by Bamboo Technologies or recycled materials.

To top it off we rented a Biodiesel car from Bio-Beetle and enjoyed spreading the word around the island about vegetable powered vehicles. We got our biodiesel from Pacific Biodiesel. At the time of our visit Biodiesel was about fifty cents less then regular gasoline. The car rental price was comparable to renting a gasoline car. And it was a lot of fun to drive around.

Three Day Retreat

Our event took place over three days. We had decided that for 90 people to travel from a far for our wedding and that they would only be together for one time in this capacity, that we should make it a retreat for everyone.

We were able to accommodate everyone by having ourselves and our families stay at Shambhala Ranch while many of our friends and extended family stayed at a local hot Springs just ten minutes away, Orr Hot Springs. So not only were people coming to a wedding but they were getting in some real relaxation time in the Mendocino mountains and detoxifying themselves at the hot springs.

We planned a day of pre-wedding day events the day before the wedding to give people a chance to get to know each other and have some fun. We kicked off the weekend with a “Play in the Redwoods” at Montgomery Woods State Park five minutes from Shambhala.

Montgomery Woods is one of the more remote of California’s 31 redwood parks. One of the redwood groves provided a majestic backdrop for a theatrical performance put on by the us and a group of our friends. We wore masks made out of Organic Leather by a local artist, Monique Aguerre founder of Mythica Masks.

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