Our Recommendations for an EcoWedding

couple in gardenIf you are thinking of planning an ecowedding, we would say that for starters the location is most important. Pick a central location where the majority of the guests don’t have to travel too far. Find out how the location supports ‘eco’ such as onsite composting and recycling

Purchase organic whenever possible, and if not possible at least shop locally. Find out who the local vendors are where you are having the wedding and support them first and foremost.

When it comes to food, introduce healthy alternatives to your guests. Keep it local and in season.

For environmentally conscious people,  did you know that you can purchase rings out of recycled precious material and lab created diamonds which minimizes the damage to our environment?

Keep things simple. Think about what kind of waste you might be creating and try to eliminate it as much as possible. Don’t buy things that aren’t necessary.

Don’t be afraid to express who you are as a couple. This is an opportunity to share your values with your loved ones and to educate them on things they can take back and do in their daily lives.

Most of all have fun and enjoy your day!

Paperless Invitations and Our Website

Another one of our big decisions early on was to not send paper invitations. This was an experiment on our part as we knew there may be people who were not online very often and did not check their e-mail too often.

We put together a website and an invitation that we could e-mail to our guest list. People loved the website and surprisingly enough they also liked the online RSVP.

Turns out the majority of the guests were online with a few exceptions we had to call and remind now and then. After the wedding, we decided to send personal thank you notes to people who contributed in some way and who gave gifts. The thank you notes are were made of recycled paper and were purchased from a local office supply store.

Eco Doesn’t have to Cost More

One might assume that having an ecowedding might cost more then a traditional wedding. However, from our research on the cost of an average wedding we found that all in all we actually spent about the same for the entire three day retreat and the honeymoon that most couples spend on just a one day wedding itself.

We were able to keep within our budget and have an eco-wedding.

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